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F&M Bank

Tradition and community are the key


F&M Bank isn’t just an ordinary bank. This community bank has been in business for over 110 years so it was no small feat to take them in a new direction with their branding. We developed a brand that is easily recognizable in and around the community that carries their message of tradition and stability through all of their marketing. We have developed hundreds of effective marketing pieces over the course of several years working together.

Several years ago, we partnered with a banking web developer and redesigned their entire website from the ground up. Because F&M Bank prides itself in being a community bank, we included custom, local photography and wrote all new copy throughout the website.


Our work at F&M Bank may be the most extensive we have ever done with a client. Not only have they used Colorful Creative’s print design services extensively, but we have also contributed writing, campaign ideas, branding, posters, banners, and even project management. We have helped them create materials for events, developed presentations, and designed ATM and sign wraps for their location. We also are their digital design parter creating hundreds of custom emails, web design, digital ads, coding, social media brand and have connected them with partners that have also helped them reach their goals like our SEO partner, Hammerseed.

  • Branding

  • Logo Design

  • Writing

  • Key Messages

  • Print Design Services

  • Collateral Design

  • Posters, Signs, Banners

  • Brand Guide

  • Ad Design

  • Annual Reports

  • Brochures

  • ATM & Large Sign Wraps

  • Billboard Design

  • Consulting

  • Email Marketing

  • Debit Card Design

  • T-shirt Design

  • Promotional Items

  • Art Direction for Photography

I have worked with Mandy Barrett at Colorful Creative over the past 16 years, in my roles at advertising/marketing agencies, for-profit companies and charitable organizations – I have brought her with me to every job I have taken and for good reason. In my 35 years of working professionally, Mandy is one of the few creative people I have come across who understand business. Her strategic direction is as keen as her creative eye, and her follow-through stands against any marketing director I’ve ever encountered. She gets s(&%t done! I have recommended Mandy to numerous other people and have received the same positive feedback from each and every one of them. Whether it’s designing a logo, branding a new company, rebranding an existing company or creating compelling materials to make people take action, Mandy can make it happen

Mandy Barrett at Colorful Creative brings a unique suite of skills combining creativity, discipline, excellent interaction with the staff, and a commitment to quality and follow-through. Most recently Colorful Creative rebuilt and rebranded our web site and the work was on time, on budget, and resulted in a beautiful, inviting, and functional interface. We are grateful to Mandy and her team for their outstanding service and commitment to Davidson Lands Conservancy.

Working with Mandy has been a wonderful experience. Her keen eye for design allows her to transform a simple idea into something that is truly amazing. She is an unbelievable artist and continues to impress me with her creativity, dedication and passion for her work. In addition, she is a genuine person who is always willing to jump-in and help the team out. From project management, client and vendor relations, IT support, copywriting, you name it she has done it successfully. Simply put, Mandy is the complete package and I would recommend her in a heartbeat.

Terri Fenwick, Electrolux Major Appliances

A true visionary when it comes to design, Mandy Barrett has a unique talent for identifying the needs of her clients—often before they even know themselves! Not only is her work impeccable, but the passion she has for her profession is obvious from the moment you meet her. Press time can be tremendously stressful, but Mandy handles everything in stride, always positive and upbeat. In fact, her personality makes her super fun and easy to work with. If I only had two words to describe Mandy, they would be Crazy Creative! She has a knack for seeing things other designers don’t and she knows how to bring layouts alive through her extensive knowledge of typography, color theory, and composition. You should see the beautiful redesign she did for our publication! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Mandy for any design project. If you hire her, you won’t be disappointed!

Heather Oliver, RoadRunner Touring & Travel Magazine

Mandy is the most creative person I have ever worked with! She is an excellent leader and a fantastic team member because she sees each project in its entirety. Whether Mandy is taking the lead or contributing to the whole she is a graphic designer that can make any project successful. Her broad knowledge base encompasses sales, marketing, public relations, print, TV, on-line, social media, newsletters, blogs, ad/coupon creation, website design and more. If you have a need for a graphic designer that thinks out of the box and is not afraid to offer advice, then you’ve come to the right place.

Cheryl Nelson, Marketing and Brand Specialist

Quite simply, Mandy is one of those very rare individuals who is both creative and analytical. Mandy has a great sense of style and can translate ideas into clean, simple and elegant design. She is highly skilled as a designer and possesses excellent communication skills. In addition, unlike most designers, Mandy is also quite adept at managing the production process for front end web design, email integration and virtually any print deliverable. She is a dedicated professional and a very pleasant, energetic person.

Andy Giordano, Online Video Expert

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