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Managing Working-Parent Summer Guilt


Every year, as summer gets closer and closer, I feel the heavy weight of guilt that my kids don’t have a mom who can take them to the pool whenever they wanted to go, or take them on camping trips, or road trips, or a bunch of fancy summer vacations, or even just give them the relaxing break that they surely needed after a hard school year.

Managing Working-Parent Summer Guilt2022-05-24T13:21:51+00:00

Find your Brand Voice!


Your brand voice is the style and tone that represents your company in its written content. Company voice plays a major role in helping audiences recognize your brand and connect with it. Regardless of what platform (social media, website, etc.), your content should be consistent and it should always align with your brand image.

Find your Brand Voice!2022-04-21T13:51:52+00:00

Going for Green: Right Now Is the Time to Get Sustainable


Perhaps because of the seismic tremors that have rocked 2020, market research shows that consumers, particularly Millennials and Gen Y, support businesses with sustainable practices as a core value. There has never been a better time to assess your company’s impact on the environment.

Going for Green: Right Now Is the Time to Get Sustainable2020-10-13T00:31:59+00:00

7 Reasons Why You Need Social Media Branding For Your Business


If you want to engage your current customers—and attract new ones—there’s no getting around social media branding. Social media branding ties in with your marketing goals and addresses the needs of your customers by educating and engaging them with your brand.

7 Reasons Why You Need Social Media Branding For Your Business2020-10-29T21:29:31+00:00

What is branding?


“Branding” is nothing less than the foundation of your company’s long-term success. No pressure. In a nutshell, it’s the art of creating a defined set of specific, positive feelings about your company within the minds of your ideal customers.

What is branding?2020-10-29T21:28:42+00:00
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