What is branding?

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October 1, 2020

“Branding” is nothing less than the foundation of your company’s long-term success. No pressure. In a nutshell, it’s the art of creating a defined set of specific, positive feelings about your company within the minds of your ideal customers.

When you think about some of your favorite companies, you can likely list a few words or phrases you associate with them. Those gym shoes will help you train at a higher level. That phone is focused on people-driven design. That shoe company cares about the world. The ability to immediately bring to mind the characteristics of a company is a sign of successful branding.

So how do you accomplish that?

  • The first key to building a brand you’re proud of includes crafting an accurate picture of who and what your company is. And, crucially, how are you different from competitors? That identity has to be rock solid in your mind before you can convince others of its authenticity.

  • Next comes consistency. Confusing your customers with one personality on your website and another in your social media, for example, won’t cement your brand in consumers’ minds. Creating and sticking to defined guidelines in everything you do—from colors and fonts to tone of voice—is essential in forging a successful brand.

  • But what really stands out to your consumer is if you can tie your brand to your mission in a way that helps people understand who you truly are. And that is what sets Colorful creative apart. We will help you develop a Brand Mission by connecting you to a charitable mission that fits your values and strengthens your overall brand. We help you find your true WHY.

The ultimate goal is to build a strong, lasting connection with your ideal customers that results in brand loyalty, while at the same time helping a mission that serves your soul. The lasting connection with your customers takes time, of course, but it starts with an exceptional branding company that’s dedicated to helping you craft and implement your unique identity.

Shaping a successful brand identity is an exacting process. We understand that process inside and out and have created methods that maximize each company’s authenticity while making it as easy on our clients as possible.

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